A lot of people ask me why I got into magic. Honestly, I have no idea. At this point in my life I feel like it’s all I’ve ever known, even though there was I time I had no idea I would even be doing this. Funny thing how life works, isn’t it? So many things around, I always wanted to be able to do ONE trick, or that I thought it was pretty cool when I saw those guys do card tricks on television. How do you get to be one of those guys? Then the thought is gone with the next commercial, never to be revisited again, until the next time you see a magic show on television. I’ve never seen magic in person either, save my friend Michael Costa, until I started doing it. So I started asking myself, ‘why’?

It’s a great question, ‘Why?’, to which my only response was simply ‘Why not?’. Why not do what you want? Why not, be what you want to be? Even if I never set out to be this, it’s what I am now. Maybe in thinking back, it’s what I was always supposed to be. Maybe the world needs more magic? Maybe my friends need more magic in their lives? One thing is for certain, I can’t think of a life without it. So when you see me, and you want to ask me ‘why’ or ‘how’, might not be the simplest question, but, I will give you a simple answer.

Love you all and see you soon,